How to use ownCloud calendar & contacts data for Samsung Galaxy S6

So you got yourself a neat and nice Samsung Galaxy S6 and would like to import calendar and contacts from your ownCloud server?
To bad its not supported out of the box as the Android installation is customized by Samsung to only allow a Samsung, Google or Microsoft accounts for these purposes. But there is a solution for this, namely CalDav-sync and CardDav-sync on Google Play app store.

These 2 applications will import calendar and contacts data from a various range of services, including custom caldav/carddav sources.

After installation, open the apps and choose CalDav/CardDav in the list of services, enter service URL to your owncloud instance, username + password and add, thats it! Your contacts and calendar should be visible almost directly.

In my case I use the standard programs to handle Contacts and Calendar (“S Planner”) and it works great!

Is the apps free?
There are free variants of these apps but I greatly recommend to pay and get the full versions, the total for these 2 apps are about 5$.

Can the apps sync both ways?

How often does it sync?
Every 15th minute.

Is there a way to manually sync?
Yes, optional within the app.

Will these apps work with other Calendera programs?
Not sure, as I have not tried any other yet but it would surprise me if thats not the case, google and/or check developer page for further info.

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